Projects > The Lovers, 2018

Opens First Friday in May 4, 2018, Raleigh, NC
Lump Projects, 505 S. Blount Street, Raleigh, NC 27601
On view May 4 - June 9 2018

“In film, there are two ways of including human beings. One is depicting human beings. Another is to create a film form which, in itself, has all the qualities of being human: tenderness, observation, fear, relaxation, the sense of stepping into the world and pulling back, expansion, contraction, changing, softening, tenderness of heart. The first is a form of theater and the latter is a form of poetry.” —Nathaniel Dorsky

The Lovers is a post-human, thirteen-channel, non-linear, video trilogy in which I meditate on the ways that we form our individual and often life-altering choices. The title of the project takes its name from the sixth card of the traditional Smith-Waite tarot deck. This card is commonly thought of as a card that informs the reader about sensuality but it is also a card about choice and how choice is shaped by our perceptions.

Fictional Desires, installation view, LUMP Projects, 2018, [image courtesy of Lindsay Metivier]
HD Color Video, Neon, Faux-Fur, Fog-Machine, Sound Object
Fictional Desires; Seven of Cups, 2018
Film Still, HD video [1:01] looped, silent, color. 1/9 channel installation plus custom neon sign from artist drawing.
Story of An Hour, installation view, clip
multi-channel video with sound