joy tirade

My art will premiere in House & Garden UK, Art Edit, soon!
Art Work pictured here is from 100 Paintings Series and A Dreaming Language. Link here to Gallery

Artist Statement
I was raised in the American South by my gentle, working-class grandparents. We were all transplants from the north. My grandmother cooked, and my grandfather built things out of wood and repaired engines in propane trucks as a mechanic. They taught me to work hard and to make beautiful things by hand.

As an artist, I connect with the material's inherent qualities and properties as I work. I listen for the work that needs making. I work with watercolor, ink, light, salt, indigo, and heat. In the past, I have worked with oil paint, sequin fabric, bleach, and velvet. As I pursue the truth of these materials, I seek to explore my experience of human perception. To understand what it means to be human in our dynamic and changing environment. And through this better understanding, express these ideas to the viewer. I use painting, photography, and video to capture my thoughts and experiences.

My art practice investigates embodiment, displacement, language, and longing. I often use the body or the absence of the body to articulate a yearning for a better future. A future yet to be imagined or expressed. My work addresses personal and collective memory and questions about time and being. I contemplate art history, pop culture, speculative fiction, and emerging technologies. My immersive videos and paintings provide pathways for connection in our disconnected time through phenomenological inquiry.

Artist Biography
As an internationally exhibited artist, joy tirade has shown work at The Kamloops Art Gallery (British Columbia), Universitet I Oslo (Norway), Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania), Ideas Block LT (Lithuania), and CICA (South Korea).

Nationally, joy has exhibited in the Mid-Atlantic Region at The Mint Museum, The Ackland Art Museum, CAM, The Carrack, and LUMP projects in North Carolina. In Virginia, at The Garage, The Bridge PAI, WTVF/Radio IQ Gallery, New City Arts, Art Works Gallery, The IX Building, and Ruffin Gallery at the University of Virginia.

Her work has appeared in numerous other venues, including The Masur Museum (Monroe, LA), The Fluorescent Gallery (Nashville, TN), The Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center (Covington, KY), Red Ink Studios (San Francisco), and at LACDA (Los Angeles).

joy tirade's work has appeared in several publications, including, The Third Coast, The Virginia Literary Review, 3.7, Summmer, and the Mildred Pierce zine. Recently her work was published by Routledge Press as a book cover.

joy tirade holds a Master of Fine Arts in Visual Art and Theory from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Previously, she graduated from the University of Virginia with Distinction and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and was awarded a Bachelor of Art in Studio Art and Art History.

She lives and works in Oakland, California, where she teaches art and facilitates a free community painting collective | see @community.painting.collective on Instagram.