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L’Étranger, 2018
L’Étranger, 2018
single-channel HD video [1:30 silent] Found film footage from 1977. Re-filmed and edited by the artist

In this current work, L’Étranger, 2018 [The Stranger] I am meditating what it means for us to view other people's intimate lives from a distance. How our voyeuristic impulses to peer into the lives of others might complicate our feelings about our own family life. In particular in this piece I am considering how we judge our own happiness in our familial life by comparing it to the appearances of others. The kaleidoscope effect in this video is meant to interrupt the act of looking long enough to heighten and highlight the strangeness of looking at a family we don't know.

This work was created for Anti-Nostalgia opens at The Carrack Oct 5-21, 2018 curated by elin o'Hara slavick and Olivia Huntley.