Projects > Time Will Tell, MFA Graduation Show 2017 Story of an Hour, 2017 [Video, Sound, & Photography]

Story of An Hour, installation view
multi-chanel video

Story of An Hour, installation clip attached below, clip duration: 1:13 minutes, 2017 Multi-channel video projection, looped continuously for duration of exhibition. Premiere screening at UNC Graduating MFA Show, Time Will Tell, Ackland Museum, Chapel Hill, April-June 2017.

Video footage filmed and edited by the artist.
Full-channel footage not available on the web.

Full installation consists of:
Channel 1: 30:00 minutes, looped/continuous, with audio
Channel 2: 25:00 minutes, looped/continuous, silent

This will be screened again as part of artists solo video show,
The Lovers Lump, Raleigh Spring 2018.